Allect’s mission is to foster an unrivalled level of creativity, innovation and excellence, accelerating growth and ensuring the group’s success.

The Allect Design Group was founded to bring together some of the finest names in architecture, interior and product design, while maximising their ability to achieve excellence, and promoting their growth in new markets.

Our company name is derived from the Latin word ‘allecto’, meaning to ‘entice and allure’, a sentiment that resonates with all brands within our stable — the power to elicit an emotional response through the beauty and craft of discerning design.

Our multi-brand structure across design disciplines is as yet unseen in the industry; it will encourage synergy between brands, whilst ensuring they operate in an autonomous and responsive manner.



Steve Rigby
Non-Executive Director

As Non-Executive Director, Steve leads the Real Estate and Financial Services divisions of Allect, with responsibility for finance and M&A. He has vast experience gained as Chief Operating Officer of the Rigby Group—one of Britain’s most successful multifaceted businesses.  

Steve sits on the boards of technology and airport businesses and chairs the boards of Rigby & Rigby, Rigby Technology Investments, Rigby Private Equity and Rigby Capital, the group’s financial services business.

Iain Johnson
Director - Head of Residential

Architecturally trained, Iain oversees Rigby & Rigby, Helen Green Design, and new acquisition Lawson Robb, Allect's architectural, marine and interior design practices. He has been instrumental in building Rigby & Rigby’s international portfolio and positioning it as a leading design and development practice in the super-prime luxury sector.

His role is to develop Rigby & Rigby, Helen Green Design and Lawson Robb as businesses and as brands, helping them to break into new international markets and remain at the very top of their respective games.



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Deliver excellence

Each of our brands must embody the same pursuit of excellence, meticulous attention to detail and perfection. From design to products, service to management, delivering excellence is in our DNA and is our differentiator.

Inspire and excite

Every venture undertaken by each of our brands should seek to inspire and excite all stakeholders and inspire trust in a shared vision for Allect.

Push boundaries

Creativity and innovation not only ensure our design houses’ continued success, but they are the foundation for design as a whole. We enable our brands to set new limits in terms of their creative expression and promote evolution into new territories.

Have a client driven vision

At the heart of our work is a profound commitment to the individual. We dedicate time and resource to understand our clients’ lifestyles, aspirations and study a project’s context in meticulous detail. Luxury design is most importantly about exceeding clients’ expectations, understanding and finding solutions to fit their needs and lifestyle. To achieve this an impeccable level of service is a must.